Jalla Jalālahu

Jalla Jalālahu



Maaida Noor

Artwork Title & Inspiration

'Jalla Jalālahu'

'May His glory be glorified'

Traditional Islamic illumination forming a floral decoration or 'shamsa' surrounding the sacred words 'Jalla Jalālahu' جَلَّ جَلَالَهُ in addition to the tall Kufic scripted majestic word, 'Allah'.

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Physical Description

Burnished hand made khadi paper with Arabic calligraphy 'Allah' in Kufic script, gilded in 23ct gold leaf.

Shamsa containing 23.5ct hand ground shell gold, gouache paints and liquid watercolour with Arabic calligraphy 'Jalla Jalalahu' in Thuluth script, gilded in 23ct gold leaf.


56 x 76 cm

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LOT 59

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Maaida Noor

Influenced by her British and Pakistani roots, Maaida Noor seeks to combine the ancient cross-cultural art forms of geometry, biomorphic patterns (arabesque) and calligraphy to create beautiful works of sacred art that call us back to our essential oneness with nature.

Noor’s journey began in 2009, producing 20 small calligraphic pieces in watercolour and selected by the Mica Gallery in Knightsbridge, London. Other works have been displayed at Battersea Power Station, the Three Faiths Forum, various auction houses, corporate and private collections including members of the Jordanian royal family. Commissions include Jo Malone, Molton Brown, AERIN , Estée Lauder and several other prestigious brands from across the globe. 

In 2014, Maaida dived into the world of sacred geometry and traditional Islamic illumination at the London based Art of Islamic Pattern school and the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts which opened a door to a whole new world and was intrigued by the precision and delicacy of the complex patterns. Her appreciation of these historic practices are combined with a desire for self-expression, a love of watercolour and an acute sense of colour. The result is a mix of ancient disciplines with vivid colours and a modern expressive technique. This integration of verses of Islamic scripture, sacred geometry, biomorphic patterns combined with an expressive watercolour medium is unique to Noor. 

Qualifications include a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts from Punjab University College of Art & Design and a diploma at The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts enabling her to create her own interpretations and arrangements to explore the deeper meanings and hidden science of the subject.

Winner of the Arts and Culture Awareness award at the 2017 'British Muslim Awards' ceremony.

Winner of the Arts and Culture Awareness award at the 2017 'British Muslim Awards' ceremony.

Maaida continues to use verses from Islamic scriptures in remembrance of The Eternal and exquisitely hand craft works to provide an opportunity for both contemplation and tranquility forming a form of visual prayer.

The piece offered here consists of the majestic name of God (‘Allah’) in gold leaf and scripted in Kufic under the guidance of Pakistan’s top master calligrapher Rasheed Butt.

Artwork photography courtesy of Tom Gowanlock.