Efdaluddin Kiliç

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‘Praise is for Allah’

الحمد لله

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Gold & teal enamel on glassware


40 x 40 cm

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Non-uniform enamel coating (see photo here)

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Efdaluddin Kiliç

Efdaluddin Kiliç (b. 1968, Uskudar, Istanbul) is one of Turkey's foremost masters of calligraphy practicing today.

Efdaluddin's works have been exhibited extensively around the world and are also held in a great number of private collections. 

After enrolling at Marmara University where he graduated from the Faculty of Divinity, he began his initial studies with Hüsrev Subaşı and Muhittin Serin (in the Rik'a script) and continued with the famous grand master Hasan Çelebi from whom Efdaluddin Kiliç obtained his ijaza (diploma/license) in Thuluth and Naskh scripts in 1993. 

Between 1998-1999 Efdaluddin Kiliç prepared a 64m long Thuluth script composition for the Üç Şerefeli Mosque in Edirne and from 1997-2000 Kiliç completed the restoration of twenty pieces of the Egyptian master Seyyid Ibrahim. One of his compositions can be seen in the prayer room of the Cambridge Muslim College where he regularly conducts workshops in calligraphy. Efdaluddin Kiliç continues to teach and practice calligraphy both in Istanbul and abroad.

The 'Tahmīda' glassware offered in this collection, is Efdaluddin's second donation for this beautiful cause. 

Artwork photography courtesy of Aiysha Malik & Lisa Islam.