Tā’Hā, YāʾSīn, HāʾMīm

Tā’Hā, YāʾSīn, HāʾMīm



Nour El Huda Awad

Artwork Title & Inspiration

'Tā’Hā, YāʾSīn, HāʾMīm'

Inspired by the sacred muqatta'at letters taken from the Holy Qur'an styled with Kufic script surrounded with Islamic geometric patterns.

From the upper row, right to left, they read:

- First set: Tā’Hā طه

- Second set: YāʾSīn يس.

- Third set: HāʾMīm حم

Artwork Category

Calligraphy & Geometry

Physical Description

Hand processed fused glass panel with Kufic script Arabic, slumped with fused pale violet Artista glass.


78 x 106 cm (Framed)

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Nour El Huda Awad

'Light of Guidance' is the English translation of Sudanese born Nour El Huda’s name, the meaning of which she has strived to live up to till this day. Residing in Wales, UK, for over 30 years, Huda trained at the Architectural Glass Department in Swansea gaining grounding in the technical skills required to produce high quality work in glass for architectural and autonomous glass panels. The medium itself has opened a new horizon of perception and became a preferred method of expression as Huda expresses how she perceives glass as an extension of God’s light.

‘God is the light of the Heavens and the earth. The similitude of His light as a lustrous niche, wherein is a lamp. The lamp contained in a crystal globe, the globe ‘glass’ as bright as a glittering star; It is kindled from a blessed tree, an olive neither of the East nor of the West, the oil thereof would nearly glow forth though no fire touched it. Light upon light: God guideth unto His light whom He will.’ Holy Qur'an, chapter 24:24, Al Noor - The Light

Amongst the range of techniques that Nour explores, kiln formed glass articulates the technical elegance she aims to express whilst retaining traditional Islamic designs and patterns. All panels are kiln fused and embrace the three main styles of Islamic art: geometry, arabesque and calligraphy featured singularly or in various combinations. The results are sparkling, shimmering panels with multiple forms reflecting an aesthetic, spiritual and symbolic meaning. This relates to the philosophy based on mystical awareness and knowledge of the creation, a reference to the divine unity. Many works follow the Arabian tradition of emulating gemstones, aspiring to create an atmosphere of meditative tranquillity.

The universe is said to be born from darkness. God created the moon and sun to flood it in light. The light resembles the truth and darkness is merely a curtain from the light. Jalal-Adin Al-Rumi

Video: Nour El Huda Awad explains some of the key processes for the 'Tā’Hā, YāʾSīn, HāʾMīm' glassware masterpiece.

Photography courtesy of Philip Vile and videography by Fatima Niazy and Syed Gilani Mustafa.