Rabbi Yasir

Rabbi Yasir



Abdel Karim Mats Cederberg

Artwork Title & Inspiration

‘Rabbi Yasir’

‘Lord make it easy and not hard; Lord complete it in goodness’

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Physical Description

Brown calligraphy ink on patterned paper, thuluth script


52 x 42 cm

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Abdel Karim Mats Cederberg

Swedish artist, Abdel Karim Mats Cederberg studied Anthropology and Religious Studies at the University of Uppsala and went on to study Arabic, Theology, and Hadith Studies in Damascus, Syria.

In Syria Cederberg learned Islamic calligraphy, and in 2012 he enrolled at The Prince's School of Traditional Arts where he took classes in parquetry, ceramics, painting, stained glass, mosaic work, geometry, and Islimi.

He has exhibited his works in Sweden, UAE and UK and continues to hold workshops and recently relocated to Órgiva, Spain.

Artwork photography courtesy of Aiysha Malik & Lisa Islam.