My Success

My Success



Khalid Pablo Casado

Artwork Title & Inspiration

'My Success'

'And my success is only by Allah'

و ما توفيقي الا با الله

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Jali Thuluth script using black ink on handmade ahar paper decorated with 23 carat gold border with mount.


73.2 x 69.5 cm

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Khalid Pablo Casado

Khalid Pablo Casado (b. 1982), was born in Madrid, Spain, where he has continued to live and develop as an artist both personally and academically. He worked for several years in his family business, a pharmacy, run first by his grandfather and then by his father.

Although he always felt a special attraction towards the shapes of Arabic calligraphy, it was not until 2008 when he first came into contact with the reed pen, when he attended a brief introductory course to Nesih calligraphy. A few days practicing this art awakened in him a deep interest, and he soon felt the need to receive further instruction from a real master who could pass onto him this ancient knowledge. It was at this point he met Nuria García, the renowned calligrapher who later became his mentor and master. Guided by her, he traveled to Istanbul for the first time in 2009, and became acquainted with her masters. He then started writing his first lessons under Nuria, and with the master calligrapher (hattat) Davut Bektas, and always under the supervision of the master Hassan Çelebi. A few years later, he started taking lessons from the master Ferhat Kurlu who, together with Nuria García, became one of his strongest influences.

In 2014, he received his license or calligraphy diploma in Sülüs and Nesih styles at the IRCICA (Research Center for Islamic History Art and Culture), signed by the masters Hassan Çelebi, Ferhat Kurlu and Nuria García.

Artwork Photography courtesy of Tom Gowanlock.