Journey II

Journey II



Hasret Brown

Artwork Title & Inspiration

'Journey II'

Inspired by the journey of how the geometric pattern develops, it begins by drawing a circle with a traditional compass and straight edge. Six more circles are added fitting perfectly around the first one. This gives birth to the six-fold hexagon structure. These circles are further divided into lines; then layers of layers and lines are built upon each other, connecting and creating a 12 pointed star. Additional circles are added after the first 7 centre star, turning the pattern into a square tessellation. The geometric composition is then brought to life and shaped by experimenting with watercolours, choosing the various shapes and elements from the visual layers whilst leaving part of the drawing visible. The piece also invites the viewer to contemplate on their own journey in their life.

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Fabriano 300gsm (not paper), painted with Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors including their Primatek range made with authentic mineral pigments.


43.5 x 43.5 cm (framed)

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Hasret Brown

Born and raised in The Netherlands, Hasret Brown of Turkish origin, spent her teenage and early twenties in Turkey where she absorbed the art, culture and traditions that have been a crucial element to understanding the roots of her identity and influencing the direction of her artwork.

Hasret’s fascination with Islamic art rose significantly after having left Turkey to live in the UK. Whilst her initial interest was in calligraphy, after studying geometric art she attended courses with the Art of Islamic Pattern school run by Adam Williamson and Richard Henry and at The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, her passion for this was cemented and there was no turning back!

She decided to give up her 10-year career in a corporate environment to focus on developing and establishing herself as a visual artist. Influenced by traditional Islamic geometric patterns, Hasret employs her own distinctive vibrant colours in a contemporary and contemplative manner using natural pigments and watercolour.

Hasret frequently runs workshops at community events, public engagements, galleries, education centres and school project settings as well as her own commissioned works. Through her art workshops she aims to encourage people to nurture their creativity as well as teaching Islamic geometric art by applying its original and traditional methods.

Video: Overview of Hasret Brown's 'Journey II' artwork.

Her work has been exhibited at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, at the Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery and has been featured in the Quarter Life publication as a working artist in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.  Hasret was also a finalist in the British Muslim Awards 2017 Art & Culture category.  

Artwork photography courtesy of Tom Gowanlock and videography ('Journey II' overview) courtesy of 'Th3 Unknown'.