Eleventh Contentions

Eleventh Contentions



Teakster a.k.a. Hatiq Mohammed

Artwork Title & Inspiration

'Eleventh Contentions'

Based on a book cover once exclusive to the 'Commentary On The Eleventh Contentions' book authored by Sh. Abdal Hakim Murad (ISBN : 9781872038162).

Now available to purchase for the first time as a high quality print, exclusive to this sale.

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Limited edition print. Mixed media printed on metallic paper.


59.4 x 84.1 cm

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Teakster a.k.a. Hatiq Mohammed

London based 'Teakster' is a multi award-winning digital artist and photographer. His artwork has been featured in publications and exhibitions across the USA, Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

Teakster began his artistic journey as a form of escapism from mundane corporate work. Inspired by his faith and Islam’s early artistic tradition, Teakster's experimental works include intricate digital art formed with various shades of colour and Islamic patterns.

Teakster enjoys experimenting with different styles in his digital art and believes that ‘cosmopolitan artwork’ can be a bridge between different cultures.

He has collaborated with renowned artists such as Haji Noor Deen, El Seed, Peter Sanders, Samir Malik, Nadia Janjua, as well as with the new generation of emerging artists.

Video: An overview of some Teakster's digital works. 

For the first time, we're offering limited edition prints of the book cover 'Commentary on the Eleventh Contentions' (ISBN#: 9781872038162) which is a collection of short essays by Sh. Abdal Hakim Murad which highlight the defining ironies of our culture through a hundred bones of contention. A contemporary take on the classical Islamic genre of aphorisms, this volume offers explanations of the eleventh set of ‘Contentions’.

'Commentary of the Eleventh Contentions' book cover.

'Commentary of the Eleventh Contentions' book cover.

“An absolute treasure trove of wisdom … simply riveting. Abdal Hakim Murad reminds us that it can still be done: we can worship God and honour the legacy of His Prophet with love, humility, wisdom and courage – not to mention style and grace! Modernity is simply our context. We must never allow it to become our excuse.”
— Dr. Sherman Jackson, King Faisal Professor of Islamic Thought and Culture, University of Southern California.

“The book is exquisite, and it is at once a message from aqa’id, tafsir, akhlaq, etc. It is a traditional method of exposing the Islamic message as a grand science.”
— Enes Karic, Professor of Quranic Studies, Faculty of Islamic Studies, Sarajevo, and former Bosnian Minister of Culture.

“Through a nexus of superbly crafted aphorisms – from the Prophet Adam to Gorbachev and beyond – the author explores a panoply of thought-provoking theological, philosophical, social and political issues. For anyone interested in the modern condition and the diversity of forces and challenges that affect it, this is a must-read. The work reveals the author at his inimitable best.”
— Shaykh Seraj Hendricks, Cape Town.