Doorway to Paradise

Doorway to Paradise



Ayesha Gamiet

Artwork Title & Inspiration

'Doorway to Paradise'

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Watercolour on paper


85 x 126 cm (Includes frame)

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Ayesha Gamiet

Ayesha Gamiet is an artist, illustrator and art teacher who lives and works in the South East of England where her work is inspired by traditional arts and the beauty of nature.

She completed her BA in African and Asian Art History and Archaeology from the University of London, and a Master’s Degree in Traditional and Islamic Arts. In 2014, Ayesha completed a second master’s degree in Education at the University of Cambridge.

During her master's degree at The Prince's School of Traditional Arts, Ayesha has learnt the art of Persian and Indian miniature painting, sacred geometry and arabesque design, working with wood, stained glass and ceramics.

Ayesha then specialised in Islamic manuscript illumination by travelling to Istanbul to learn her craft under Ayten Tiryaki, a female master illuminator and calligrapher.

Ayesha shares her passion for art by teaching traditional and Islamic arts both within the UK and abroad. Her work has been exhibited at the Mall Galleries in London, and the Islamic Arts Museum of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Ayesha is currently completing her PhD, in which she explores the presence of the 99 Divine Names and how they are represented in Islamic Art and Architecture as manifestations of the Divine Presence.

Photography courtesy of Tom Gowanlock.