Haji Huang Jin Guang & Haji Ding Pei Qing

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‘In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful’

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Black ink on white rice paper. Floral motif patterned Arabic, Sini script, calligraphed with bamboo. Chinese calligraphed with traditional Chinese calligraphy brush.


69 x 68.5 cm

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Crease marks visible as shown within product images.

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Haji Huang Jin Guang

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Haji Huang Jin Guang (b. 1972, Gansu province, China) has trained from a tradition of sincere hearted and great calligraphy masters from China.

Under the inspiring influence of his father he acquired a love of Arabic calligraphy from his early years. He received a traditional Chinese Islamic education, studying Arabic calligraphy under a highly regarded Imam in a tradition handed down from great masters.

In recent years Mr Guang has continued his study of Chinese calligraphy, drawing lessons from the techniques used in Chinese character calligraphy, ink calligraphy and styles using modern technology. His works have been used by the Chinese Islamic Association and the Ningxia Museum art collection, receiving prestigious Chinese botany awards.


Haji Ding Pei Qing

Ding Pei Qing_2.JPG

Haji Ding Pei Qing (b. 1949, Henan province, China) is a prolific writer, traditional Chinese calligrapher and a man of many interests and gifts.

His calligraphy is rooted in traditional artistic techniques, drawing upon ancient Han calligraphic styles and the inscriptions on ancient tablets.

He has also published several novels, written prose, poetry, over 170 pieces of news reports, as well as composing 200 rhyming couplets on scrolls. He has been awarded many prizes and has composed sketches for several publications. He is a member of a number of prominent art organisations in China, and exhibited several collections of his works.

Artwork photography courtesy of Aiysha Malik & Lisa Islam.